These meetings are primarily aimed at encouraging and determining adolescents with cochlear implants / hearing aids to follow their desires, confident that they can overcome any barriers.

Podcast #1

Dimitrie Luca Gora, a talented young hypoacusic artist, with humor and a lot of determination.

Podcast #2

With an overflowing optimism, kindness, naturalness and a charming smile, Sara Dumitru Petreacă – an architecture student – won our hearts! 

Podcast #3

Matei Bolog – is passionate about photography, tennis and travel – is a young hearing-impaired student of architecture, with great plans and dreams.

Podcast #4

Cezara Buga – a young medical student with hearing impairment – sensitive and strong at the same time. About the passions and things that motivate her, about how she manages the difficult moments in her life and many others.

Podcast #5

Laura Korhonen (Austria) has been following music since childhood. Through the answers she gave us, she invites us to dream, to believe and to follow our passions.

Podcast #6

Isaura Lauwers (Belgium) is a very young multimedia artist who, through her themes and artistic searches, aims to come to the aid of people with hearing impairments.

Podcast #7

Jean Occeña (28, Philippines) is a graphic designer and in her free time she likes to explore other art forms too, such as music. An example of self-discipline, optimism and courage. When a problem occurs, Jean looks for solutions, first of all, inside her.

Podcast #8

Claudia Ciontea (Romania) discovered photography when she was a kid. Since then, she hasn’t stopped surprising us with beautiful images, being interested specifically in portraits and landscapes.

Podcast #9

Cristian Boboc (Romania), an architecture student, is an intelligent, sensitive, empathetic young man with a keen eye for the surrounding world.