the first international project, initiated by the VAR Cultural Association, dedicated to promoting the creative potential of young people with hearing impairment, cochlear implant wearers or hearing aids.

Online workshops – podcasts – virtual art gallery – exhibitions – a comprehensive, courageous and extremely necessary approach.
An easy and permissive communication channel, in the spirit of the times, designed especially for young people who are having difficulty communicating with their peers of the same age and condition.

Meet the team:

Vero Nica: project manager / communication assistant / project research

Magda Cernea: psychologist / audiologist / drama therapist

Andu Dumitrescu: creator of visual content / intinerant exhibition concept

Alex Gelehrter: visual artist – production and postproduction of podcasts

Anamaria Brașov: coordinator of the editorial section

Mihai Pilcă: marketing specialist


Teodor Stan: Diaspora Communication Officer, President of the Immigration Re

search Forum, Washington DC

Stanca Jabenițan: coordinator of public speaking workshop

Alex Neagu: percussion workshop coordinator

Sorana Țopa: visual arts workshop coordinator

Baltesiu Nicoleta Bianca: translator

Mihai A

WaveforMe Partners

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Cultural project, co-funded by The National Administration of Cultural Fund.
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The National Administration of Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the project’s content or the way the results of the project can be used. They are entirely the beneficiary of the funding sole responsibility.