WaveforMe community members about their experience in creative workshops


Roxana: ”What I liked most is the fact that I started talking again. I liked very much that we worked together.”

Albert: ”First of all I gained experience. What I liked most was the activity in which we talked about the story of our lives.”

Luana: ”There are a lot of things that I have already got: creativity, sincerity, new friends and all the interesting things we have talked about.”

Maria: ”I liked the way they linked us in one single heart. It helped us to see the world differently, to understand things better.”

Alex: “Talking –  the word that describes my experience the best.”

Nicola: ”This project made me happy! I liked everything. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Alexandra: ”It was fascinating. I’ve discovered the Hats Story, I’ve travelled in another world, we’ve created our movie…A fantasy!”



Karla: ”All my drawn hearts go towards you!”

Marco: ”I liked that my works were appreciated.”

Ionut: ”Smiles. A lot of smiles.”

Elisa: ”I felt respected. Yes, really really respected. Thank you for accepting me and listening to me. I felt inspired.”

Helena: ”Thank you for everything.”

Nicky: ”I liked the activity with flour and the collage. I was inspired.”

Necty: ”I wish we would be the same from now on.”



Luana: ”You are cool, you are fancy, you are funny. Keep going!”

Anne:  ”I’ve found out that I like playing music.”

Ionut: ”I wish I see you again.”

Marco: ”My experience defined in one word- fun.”

Andrei: ”See you soon.”

Tudor: ”What I liked most was to play music with glasses. I hope we’ll do it together again.

Marina: ”We’ve played music beautifully.”

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